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Career Notes: Registered Nurse

I remember when I was in high school and college, I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue. I would scour the internet, researching the different types of professions out there. As a 24 year old, I am still searching for what ...Read More

Rookie Notes @ Blogalicious 2015

Hi Y’all, I recently went to Blogalicious, a blogging conference for multicultural bloggers. I met up with some awesome bloggers and they shared their lessons they learned from blogging. I am so appreciative and am thankful for these inspirational bloggers/trailblazers: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake ...Read More

Career Spotlight: Being An Engineer With Erin Wilson

The child who enjoyed putting together electronic devices, grew up to become a trailblazer in a field underrepresented by minorities and women. Erin Wilson, an engineer at ConocoPhillips Co., is a part of the 2% of African American women who are represented in the ...Read More

Interview With La Guardia Cross

Last Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of interviewing Renaissance man, La Guardia Cross. Cross, a multi-talented artist from Miami, with skills in  graphic designing, songwriting, rapping/beat-boxing, film editing, and producing can do it all…except give birth. The Miami native, who has been covered ...Read More

My First YouTube Collab

Hey y’all, I’ve reached another milestone in my creative life: a YouTube Collaboration! And if you guys didn’t know I have a YouTube channel, you can find me here. Last week, I reached out to no other than LaGuardia Cross.  The rapper, songwriter, beatboxer, ...Read More

My First Radio Interview

Last weekend, I had the honor and privilege of being interviewed by writer, author, wordsmith Annette Rochelle Aben on the “wisdom of success.” I was nervous to do the interview because of lack of confidence. I thought that I was not qualified to offer ...Read More

Interview with Suited 4 Success

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Regina Robinson, Founder and CEO of Suited 4 Success: College Planning Services. Suited 4 Success “motivates and empowers students to reach their academic and personal goals while eliminating the stress commonly associated with the college admissions process. ...Read More