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Spanish/Chinese Languages Update

Hi Guys, I’m back with another languages update. I wanted to change my approach to how I do these updates. For the time being, I decided for Spanish to have a series or questions that I could respond to. In the video below, I ...Read More

Spanish/Chinese Language Update

Hi guys, In case you didn’t know, I study Spanish and Chinese in my spare time. I try to practice both languages multiple times during the week. I practice Spanish by listening to podcasts and music, watching t.v. shows, reading articles and books, and ...Read More

My Spanish and Chinese Progress-11/21/14

This week was so so in my language studies. I did practice a bit, but not everyday. Spanish: I watched two episodes of The Wonder Years in Spanish and am in the middle of Chapter 5 of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone. I am learning The ...Read More

Daily Gratitude: 9 Hours and Good Rice

Today and yesterday I am grateful for: Getting out Yesterday, my college friend living near my city introduced me to her tutor/friend. We went out to dinner yesterday and then to a bar. My first Chinese bar! I just had a soda, but nonetheless ...Read More

Daily Gratitude: Surviving the Day

Today I am grateful for: Surviving: Today was a rough day for me. I started the day learning about Robin Williams’s passing and I couldn’t get back on the right foot. Culture shock reared it’s ugly head today and I cried at work. No ...Read More

Daily Gratitude: Finding Chicken Breast!

Hey guys, it’s 11:00 p.m. in China…so that’s why I’m posting my “Daily Gratitude” post now. Today I’m grateful for: Finding Chicken Breast When I walk into the store I have no idea what 85% of the products are. For the past month my dinner ...Read More

Learning Chinese is IMPOSSIBLE

That’s the impression I get from people when I tell them I’m learning Mandarin. “Oh, Chinese is so difficult.” “It is the hardest language to master.” “Chinese is so hard for foreigners.” Blah blah blah. I wish people would stop feeding into the negativity. I ...Read More