Faith Notes Archive

What I Found at Church

What I found at church: God. Duh. Obviously. Yes, you can go to church to encounter God. But to be honest, you don’t need church to be in the Lord’s presence. Sometimes I feel God’s presence while I’m talking to Him in the car. ...Read More

Just Say No: Are You OverCommitted?

The symptoms: tiredness, irritability, circles under your eyes, a stank attitude, feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Diagnosis: Over-commitment Disorder (Not sure if this is real or not. Just made it up. Not even on WebMD) Omgh guys, I’ve been feeling ...Read More

Have You Ever Forgotten Your Name?

Hello my name is… Child of the one true King. Man, I used to be sooo insecure, unconfident, and broken. I don’t know when this feeling of inadequacy started but it crept up one day and I couldn’t free myself of it. Over the ...Read More

Faith Notes: Too Busy For God?

For the last two weeks, around 5-6 pm, I sat in the basement with my bible, journal and worship music on deck. I wrote down my gratitude list, the names of people I wanted to pray for and the events in my life that ...Read More

Missed Out on A Trip Of A Life Time

I feel like I’m on that game show Let’s Make a Deal. If you aren’t familiar with it, this is how it’s played…Let’s say you won a free trip to Bermuda. The host will ask if you want to keep the trip or give ...Read More

So God, What Do You Want Me To Do?

The past few weeks at church the topic has been about leadership with sub-themes of vision and purpose. The past few weeks at church I’ve also cried…3 weeks in counting. Embarrassing. Like really, what’s wrong that girl? The messages hit home. Anytime someone mentioned ...Read More

Words of Wisdom Wednesdays

Hey Guys! First off, congratulations for making it half way through the week *hump daayy.* The weekend will be here before you know it :-). To get you through the rest of this week, I’m dropping my Wednesday Words of Wednesday. These words of ...Read More

Bible 101

Hi guys, Happy Sunday! Over the years I have grown increasingly in my faith and walk with God. Prior to last year I didn’t read the Bible. I thought it was boring and difficult to relate to… I’m not sure what changed but now ...Read More