My Chinese Language Update


Hi Y’all,

I am still studying Spanish and Chinese and thought it would be cool to share a language update video. In the video below, I speak (or am attempting to) Chinese for the majority of time, with a brief statement in Spanish. Perhaps the next language update that I’ll do will be the opposite: more time in Spanish.

Currently, for Mandarin I can recognize up to 500 characters and write a few of them. I’ve also been seeing my tutor once a week since February. I like meeting with a tutor because it’s just one-on-one which forces me to study. Unlike a class, I can’t hide behind someone or look at the floor when the teacher makes eye contact. I have to go into our sessions knowing a bit of something.

Disclaimer: I’m still learning. It’s not perfect but if I waited till I reached perfection I would have never made a video.

Until next time,


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