Lessons on Guys, Self-Worth, & Validation


Hi Y’all,

Warning: Tears are shed. I made this video over a year ago when I had just turned 23 and still grappling with issues of confidence, love, acceptance, and beauty. At that point in my life, I found my validation through the opinions of others including whether or not a guy liked me. My self-perception was distorted because I failed to see myself through how God views me. And let me tell you, I and you as well, are so precious in the eyes of the Creator.

I didn’t put this video out when I made it because (even though you may laugh at my video), I was in the process of healing…and it is a long process. But through this journey with God and learning how to love myself and appreciate my beauty, I’ve come along way.

This video is personal and oh so embarrassing, but I realize the power in telling your story. And to be honest, I doubt that I am/was the only person on Earth to go through this ;-). I think my story will help someone else, even if I never meet them.

Just know, ladies, you are beautiful, worthy and brilliant. And God loves you sooooo much. Don’t rush to be in a relationship; enjoy your single time. Like really. You ain’t got no kids and you have a whole bed to yourself 😉 I don’t have a boo-thang and it will probably be a lonnnng time before I meet him, but I’m cherishing my Chelsea time. Take this time to develop your interests, TRAVEL, get your finances together, and become the woman you’ve always wanted to become. Lessons I’m Learning Now…

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