What I Found at Church



What I found at church:

God. Duh. Obviously.

Yes, you can go to church to encounter God. But to be honest, you don’t need church to be in the Lord’s presence.

Sometimes I feel God’s presence while I’m talking to Him in the car. All of a sudden his overwhelming love hits me and tears stream down my face as I am in the midst of rush hour.

Or I can experience God in my basement, on my knees praying in my room, or while I’m walking down the aisles of Walmart or Target. God is everywhere.

But church…it transformed my life.

Since I was born, I always went to some kind of church…Catholic, Baptist, AME, Unitarian, you name it.

But growing up, I only attended church during Easter, maybe Christmas, and random days sprinkled in between. As I got older and seeked to understand God a bit more, I attended service more often but still infrequently.

With the lag between visits, I missed out on an important aspect: community.

pray and vent

Now sure, you can find community with your sorority or fraternity. You can find community with your homeboys that you play basketball with every Tuesday night at the Y or that book club that meets monthly to discuss the latest Nicolas Sparks’ saga.

But the community I’ve found goes beyond the superficiality of life. The people I’ve encountered over the last year-and-a-half of life have pushed me out of my timidity, insecurity, and self-doubt. They have encouraged and uplifted me in moments of uncertainty. They’ve seen me cry…being totally exposed…but yet, casted no judgement. Most importantly, they’ve pushed me closer to God—the ultimate relationship you can have.

Every weekend I do more than just sit in a pew, hear the message, chew on a couple of breath mints, doodle on my sermon notes and go. I hang around people who speak life. They do not begrudge me of past mistakes or gossip about my current mishaps for they too have dealt/are dealing with hurt and brokenness that only God can redeem.

These people whom I now call friends have taught me how to pray by praying with and form me. They have showed me that if you live for God, He will direct your steps. Their passion and worship have inspired me to seek God more earnestly…

In a society that has no qualms about dismissing God and who He is…as if he were a fad from back in the day…it is so refreshing to be around a group of people who are on fire for the Lord. I don’t just serve and worship with them on Sunday’s but I see them outside of church. And, not to mention, they are young, fly, but most importantly saved.

Yes, church is not a required component for salvation. But I found a God centered community that I can do life with…and each person God has put in my path have changed my life forever…and for that, I’m grateful.

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