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I can’t believe it’s almost August. This summer has flown by.

Right now, I am in a season of transitions. I am working full time, applying for grad school, preparing for my first half marathon this fall, and surviving my arduous commute from Baltimore to D.C. and vice versa.

With all these transitions, I catch myself looking to the future instead of remaining in the present and savoring each joy and pitfall that I experience.

I find myself saying, I can’t wait until these applications are turned in and I am in grad school. Or I can’t wait to be traveling the world again, wandering around in foreign countries where I can put my language skills to the test. Or even worse, I can’t wait to be in my 30s, married with a kid.

Whaaat? Pump the breaks.

I haven’t even turned 25. But I think the reason I tend to live in the future instead of the present is because current reality is hard, tedious. It wears on you. These days, if you catch me, I’m tired, hoping to God I make it to the end of the week.

But then I look up and July is almost gone. Moments spent living in the future are being robbed from the present.

I’m learning that I’ve just got to chill…that I need to rest in God’s presence…that for every season there are going to be trials and tribulations to be had and if I don’t learn the secret for contentment now, I’m always going to be living in the future…living a life wasted. Sure, my commute sucks and I am searching for my footing in life, but I don’t have to be woken up by a frightened child at 3am nor am I tied down to any person or place.

So, cheers to the rest of this summer and living in the present. Although I’m excited to see what God’s going to do in my life, I’m going to chill out and revel in where I am today.

Sidenote: Thank you for everyone who encourages me to keep writing and comments on the posts. You will never know what your words mean to me. I am appreciative. Thank you.

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What is your advice to living in the present?

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