Do you wish you knew someone who could say yeah, I’ve walked in your shoes before, don’t make these mistakes?

Well, now you do.

rookie sideMy name is Chelsea aka Rookie Notes and I document my life lessons and Rookie mistakes.

I started this blog in December 2012 because I wanted to document my journey of completing a 10k. From my initial post, my goal has been to share relevant information so that you won’t make the same mistakes that I’ve already made. I believe that knowledge is power and that it should be shared.

Although some research goes into my posts, most of the information comes from personal experience from me and others. Through interviews, videos, and traditional posts, you will find a variety of topics including How to Apply for a Spanish Student Visa, How to Pick a College Major, 22 things I’ve learned by age 23,  and 5 Ways to Organize Your Life.

If you ever have a question you think I can answer, tweet me @rookienotes or email me at rookienotess@gmail.com

Through this blog you’ll also read about my journey into womanhood as I share my random thoughts, dilemmas, failures and successes.

 So…Who is Chelsea aka Rookie Notes?

I am a 24 year-old, slightly awkward, life learner, who has an insatiable taste for life. During the day I help college students study abroad; at night, I blog.

I have lived in some really cool places including China, India and Spain. I’ve also traveled quite a bit, including visiting the Sahara Desert and the Great Wall of China within the same week.

Taj Mahal

When I’m not globetrotting or blogging, I spend my time practicing Spanish, at church (Jesus is the MVP of my life, y’all), or pretending to run.

You guys, although I give advice, I’m far from perfect. I’m the definition of a rookie. But through God’s grace, my family, and life’s buffer zone, I make it one day at a time. And you will too. Just keep swimming and don’t stop trying.


Until next time,